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    • Tori Huftalin, DNP

      Tori Huftalin, DNP

      “My journey in healthcare started sixteen years ago as a CNA, forever asking questions in healthcare and seeking the evidence that surrounds them. I am an energetic, passionate, and creative person who loves to transform things for the better. The way I practice ultimately is designed to create an empowered generation that experiences health in every facet of their lives. I have strong ethics and morals that I have maintained throughout the years of working my way from being a CNA until finally obtaining my Doctorate as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with an emphasis in mental health. I will be honest with you and share the practical “pearls” I have learned throughout this journey to become an expert in pediatric care. I will provide you every piece of information that I can to ensure you are able to make informed, safe decisions. I am extremely thorough and enjoy the complexity of medicine. I specialize in acute illness, mental health, obesity prevention, sexual abuse prevention, and preventative medicine as a whole.

      In my personal life, I am an avid hiker, world traveler, rock climber, and yoga enthusiast. Dogs are my favorite people. Ultimately, I live my life in a way that serves as an example of what healthy truly looks like.”